Our History

YYD System Interiors Inc. (YYDSII), It was registered with the Bureau of Investment on July 12, 2001 and with the Security and Exchange Commission on March 15, 2001 under a corporation formed and managed by Mr. Chen, Wen-Ju, as the Company President. The principal products manufactured are PVC Laminated doors, jambs, cabinets, wall partitions and other interior accessories.

The company started its trial operation on November 01. 1991 with thirty (30) workers and three (3) office employees with its plant located at Alpha wood Compound, Sto. Tomas, Binan, Laguna. Its commercial operation began on February 1992 with the products mainly exported to Taiwan and Japan. From then on, its business activities increased its workforce from 60 to 120 factory workers and 19 office staff.

For more than a decade, YYD SYSTEM INTERIORS, INC. has proven and still proving itself to be one of the top players in the manufacturing industry. It is able to attain more than what is expected of an adventuring neophyte in this daring enterprise.

The avowed proofs of these achievements are now becoming landmarks of YYD SYSTEM INTERIORS, INC. as evident by its existence and the people behind the affair of the company.

In response to the government's program of preserving the natural resources and in order to cope with the challenge for the year and incoming years, the company directed its efforts towards massive mechanization and expansion of its product lines. Such is the development of a new kind of door that is now called laminated with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheet which comes in various finishes to choose and door designs that will meet the requirements of the developers, constructions companies and other industries related thereto.

The aforesaid expansion and diversion of our product lines are backed-up by our Marketing Officers and Staff who are rigidly and extensively selected for particular projects based on their marketing ability, whose experience and expertise gained while working from previous companies, is now under the helm of YYD SYSTEM INTERIORS, INC.

Company Background

The firm started its operation in Taiwan in 1984 under the corporate name of Ying Yuan Louver Door Company engaged in solid wooden door manufacturing. In October 1991, the management decided to invest and transfer the manufacturing facilities in the Philippines, since then the organization started producing solid wooden doors and jambs for local and international market. In 1996, Mr. Chen, Wen-Ju introduced the new technology of producing wooden doors through adaptation of new technology called the non-joint lamination. At present, YYD System Interiors, Inc. became the leading manufacturer of Wooden Laminated Doors such as Panel and Flush Doors, Wall Partition, Cabinets, Door Jambs and others. Due to the increasing competition in the local and international market, the organization took a big leap towards globalization by implementing ISO 9001:2000 standards. The company underwent certification audit last October 21-22, 2003 under TUV Rheinland Philippines, Ltd. And was recommended for certificationin the last day of assessment.

Our Objectives

  • To maintain and develop an aggressive marketing and management team for both local and international.
  • To do governmental and non-governmental lionize so as to engage in ventures other than those relating to Doors and Doorjambs of any model so long as those projects will stimulate further the economic development of the Philippines.
  • To further project and reinforce Philippines on the global Market and financial institution as to the country's viability to meet its obligations and it's potential for investment.
  • To join, amalgamate with absorb where necessary other companies of similar objectives both local and foreign, in a manner that will stimulate consumer confidence in the ability of the local manufacturer/producer to make available, durable and high quality products.
  • To generate high profile awareness and top-of-mind for ENBI Solid Wooden Doors and is commodities as a product.

Quality Policy

YYS SYSTEM INTERIORS, INC., commits to manufacture quality products and services that offers competitive price and assures on-time delivery to meet our customer's needs.

YYD shall have a visible and proper dissemination and coordination of all processes.

YYD shall make this Quality Policy understood and be implemented at all levels in the organization and shall be reviewed for continual improvement.